Welcome to the new ones
Farewell to those who leave
This world’s small delights
Are taking care of me

Welcome to the weary ones
Come and rest your feet
This world’s little wonders
Might just set you free

Welcome to the odd one out
I like you as you are
This world’s lovely secrets
Were made just for your heart

Welcome to my true self
Whenever you are ready
I’m waiting in the still night
I hear you whispering.



Love is immortal
Unbound by form or time
It is the strongest force in the world
It is not ignorant of darkness
Nor just a sweet idea
It is in touch with the most painful and broken places
Unafraid of the reality of suffering and committed to persisting within it

Love is pure, but it is not naive, it is not neat
It is completely aware and encompassing
Unabashed by the mess and unwavering in the face of cynicism

I meet love in the softness of your face
In the breaking of my heart
In the shouting of my worth into the silence of a still night
There is no limit to its form
There is no break in its line
It will make your voice shake
and you bones quiver
Not with fear,
but with truth.

Love is the strongest force in the world.


Like a warm blanket, life wraps itself around me

I thank my legs
For their strength

I thank my skin
For persistently healing

I thank the weak parts of me
For trusting again and again

I thank the strong parts of me
For the resolve and for the stubborn courage

I thank the night
For solace and reprieve

I thank the morning light
For dancing over my eyelids

I thank the sadness
For deepening my heart

I thank the mystery
For making me trust

I thank the desert
For making me desperate

I thank the water
How quickly it can heal

I thank life
For its relentless, undeterred nature

Above all,
I thank my Lord
For all of this
And that the deepest and truest parts of me can believe in the things that I cannot fully understand, master or express.

The Only Way.

I’ll walk through this mist 

That is more like a thunder cloud 

And I can never be 

Who I was before

But this 

Is the only way now


And even though that’s clear 

There is still a part of me

The frail part, the fearful part, 

That struggles

And stretches

And is reaching back

for the comfort

of who I was.

Only to find

that she

has gone. 


But this frail part, the fearful part,

Is in search of tenderness

For too long, I have rejected you

For too long I have beaten you, like metal,

demanding a shape you will never be

Because you are of a different substance

You are more like a sapling 

Afraid of the elements

Afraid of your need for the elements 

But knowing you need this storm

To truly thrive.


I grew up


And then suddenly

And I left behind 

What I needed more than ever


And feeling safe

Despite the mystery


The strangeness of things I took for granted

Dawns on me now

And I wonder why this world

felt more familiar

When it was actually newer

To me


For the simple answers don’t seem to satisfy

And the monsters that I thought had laid to rest 

Rear their heads once more

Why is it that we lose our courage 

Our trust

Our ability to be present

When we need them the most?



Rationality is overrated

And efficiency a slave master

And greed only a thief 

Of what we truly need


Tell me the secrets 

That I knew as a child

The ones that I gave away


And then suddenly 

In these times

Draw close
When it feels like the world is falling apart
Hold on
When all we want to do is hide from each other
Open up
To the strangeness of these days
can be found in the most unexpected of places
in the midst of so much pain

The fragility of life
Strips the layers away
So that we can say
that which we hold back so often

Thank you for reminding me
That strength doesn’t feel strong at the time
But that’s why it is called strength
And answers don’t always arrive
When we want them
But in these days of mist and shadow
Light and shade
We know more than we can express
There is a way to all of this
That gives one the sense
That something great and vast and glorious
Is being created

Every twinkle of an eye
Every holding of a hand
Every I love you
Every act of courage
Every exposure of lie to the light
Every win of love over fear-
and rearranged
Into masterpiece